Noir Classic 2

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

32 reviews for Noir Classic 2

  1. Zeke (verified owner)

    Very great belt just copped me one??

  2. Balls

    Came in faster then I thought it would

  3. Cole Swanson

    Ayo thiss shit fireeeee

  4. Julian (verified owner)

    Belt is clean asff i mess with the animal skin leather

  5. Fabian (verified owner)

    Ordered a size up however it still is a little small even though I do not sag. The belt it self is really amazing and still enjoy.

  6. AMon Gus

    this belt made me get some fat poonani the other night no kizzy !!!!

  7. Antonio Canion (verified owner)

    Another outstanding product! This my second belt! Arrive today beautiful! The hand painted accents set it off!

  8. bb belt

    bb belt bb belt bb belt bb belt bb belt bb belt bb belt????

  9. slippae619 (verified owner)


  10. Teenxz

    Are these crystal styles similar to the first Noir Classic? Same shine?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      The stones of this item are more opaque than those of the NOIR Classic. Although the shine is similar, the general look of the crystal is very uniwue to itself.

  11. Abraham Vega (verified owner)

    Belt came in incredibly fast, they say 5-6 weeks but mine came in 2 (i live in LA though so that might be why.)i went up 2 sizes, 32 up to a 36, and it fit perfectly so i would recommend anybody wanting to buy this belt to go up 2 sizes. It is the perfect middle ground between flashy and versatile. Wore it to school and the confidence boost it gave me was insane, i’m definitely gonna buy “The Trojan – AB” next

  12. anthonydelgado0734 (verified owner)

    Shi fire ? if u a size 29 and wanna sag buy size 34 trus ?

  13. Sam (verified owner)

    Everything about the belt is A1! Except the cylinder balls on the top and bottom discolour over time.

  14. BBeltMafia (verified owner)

    dis belt fyaaa!!

  15. MiriiandAmir (verified owner)

    Very good quality and crystal shone like a mf( Reccomend buying 2 sizez up for perfect fit.

  16. Dylan

    Do the stones on this one shine like the original?

  17. Alex Cortez (verified owner)

    Can’t wait till it comes in , 2nd one already want a 3rd

  18. Babes

    Bought this belt December 7 came yesterday. Not the best delivery time I live in Canada maybe that’s why. The belts nice I wear 34 36 but a 38. Might wanna pick a size or two up

  19. Oreo

    do the crystals shine in the sun even tho they are opaque??

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Yes they do!!

  20. Damian Gundelach

    Ong this belt got me head from one of my bros 🙏🙏🙏

  21. Moses Mendoza (verified owner)

    Love the belt, took a month but very well worth the wait!!

  22. victorbravoh0818 (verified owner)

    Came in fast, clean asf too

  23. kthbx

    took 2 months to come in, but great belt

  24. rayg2779 (verified owner)

    First BB belt I ordered a while back. Love it 10/10

  25. owasi70 (verified owner)

    This belt changed my life

  26. Zxro

    So if im size 30 n sag recommend size would be 34?

    • hirb davari


  27. Dmytro

    i want to order delivery to england but it costs 500$ , tell me is it normal price or some mistake ?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      The shipping time will largely depend on the destination country and the shipping method you choose. Please contact us at with your inquiry and shipping address for more details.

  28. Lazaro (verified owner)

    Good belt definitely recommend

    • Ariana Zavala

      Thank you for your feedback! We are very happy to hear that!

  29. Francisco Chang (verified owner)

    10/10 will definitely cop again

  30. Paul

    if im a size 31 waist should i just go with 34 and call it a day?

    • Jasmine

      Our Recommendations are based on the general trends that our experience has shown us for most people.
      For a pants size 31, we generally recommend belt size 34 for the best-fit.
      If you like to sag, we recommend belt-size 36.

      However, the safest would be to measure yourself on top of your pants, at the position you would like your belt to be (in inches), and order your belt in that measured size.

      For any other questions or more clarification, you are welcome to call our customer-service at (949)224-0000. Thank you

  31. Mauricio

    Im a size 34 in jeans and normal use a size 36 belt, what size would you recommend

  32. Jacob

    My belt hasn’t even came in it’s been since April this is just not acceptable
    My mom has emailed them two times with no response this is ridiculous

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