Adabelle western

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All BB Simon belts run ONE size small from the standard US pants size. Go one size up from your true pants size to achieve the perfect fit in a BB Simon Belt.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in
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16 reviews for Adabelle western

  1. DBo

    I got a question if I’m a size 34 in pants do I get a 36?

    • hirb davari

      Yes, we recommend going up a size from your pant size since our sizes run small.

  2. J C

    Is this belt black or dark blue ?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      It is black leather

  3. Zachary C (verified owner)

    I saved my coins and just bought this belt, I am very excited!! I live in Massachusetts, when do you think this will roll up to my town?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Your town is not ready to see you in so much drip! It takes 10-15 business days for us to make each belt as they are custom made. Once it is ready to ship we will contact you and provide you with your UPS tracking number.

  4. Keith Williams

    I’m usually a 28 in pants should I get a 30 for the belt or keep my 28?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Yes, our belts run small so we recommend going a size up from that of your pant size.

  5. Jon

    Slightly confused… Is this belt black or navy blue?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      It is black leather.

  6. Danzo

    This is the only belt that charges extra for size 42, is that done on purpose or accidentally?

  7. Gustavo Valencia

    I was looking for a belt and I came across a site Amore Accessories and I was wondering if the bb Simon belts on that site are real/ authorized by bb Simon? Thank you

  8. Kristian

    is this for men or women? help help I need to flex this badboy asap

  9. Brandon

    I’m getting this for my bday can’t wait?? ! But I got a question is it cow Leather? And cause of COVID will it take more than a month to ship?

  10. Ozzy (verified owner)

    I got My Belt yesterday and i CAN NOT stop looking at it shine! The belt has some weight to it but Looks amazing. 10/10

  11. Simon

    Is it black och blue? ??

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Black leather

  12. Dontarius Everitt (verified owner)

    Just received my belt yesterday & I’m in love, crystals hit so hard it’s ridiculous, we’ll definitely be purchasing another belt soon.

  13. Diego

    do you ship to the netherlands??

    • Simon Tavassoli

      It depends on the actual address it is being shipped too but mainly for some international orders not shown on the website, we would have to take them manually through email, and the price all depends after we calculate the item price and shipping costs. Please email us at or call our office at (949)224-0000 Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm PST, if you are still interested thank you!!

  14. Dino

    i want the belt to sag out rather than fit perfectly. I also wear baggy pants and i’m a size 32. what size belt should i get the adabelle western in?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      For a pants size 32 we would recommend a size 36 belt for the sagging fit. What you can also do to be more exact is measure yourself on top of your pants and at the position you would like the belt to be.
      Your measurement in inches is going to be the size you should be getting, if you measure a odd number just round it up to the next even number as our belts run in even sizes

  15. Lil sleep (verified owner)

    Beautifullest belt Ive ever copped

  16. James

    simon tavassoli says the belt is black leather but it clearly looks navy blue in the pictures. what’s the deal with that?

    • Jasmine

      Thank you for bringing that to our attention. And Yes, as the tags on this item show as well – this belt is black. For any other questions or more clarification, you are welcome to call our customer-service at (949)224-0000. Thank you!

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